our breeding program

At this time, live Kerry Hill Sheep are not permitted to be imported into the United States from the UK. However, 100% KH semen is. This allows us to cross the KH genetics with ewes that have similar characteristics through artificial insemination. The result are beautiful high percentage KH lambs. Currently, our KH flock ranges from 62.5%-88%.

Our sheep are eligible to be registered with the American Kerry Hill Association in the following categories:

  • F1- 50% Kerry Hill
  • F2- 75% Kerry Hill
  • F3- 87.5% Kerry Hill
  • F4- 93.75% Kerry Hill
  • F5- 96.87% Kerry Hill (American Purebred)
American Kerry Hill Association

Foundry Farm is proud to be a member of the American Kerry Hill Association.

The AKHA is committed to firmly establishing a sustainable breeding flock of Kerry Hill Sheep that resembles that of the UK breed. The AKHA supports the establishment and development of Kerry Hill sheep using purebred Kerry Hill semen in an upgrading program initially instituted by using Foundation ewes that are not of Kerry Hill descent with the eventual goal of attaining F-5 considered to be American Purebred Kerry Hill Sheep. To achieve the goal of a uniform, phenotypically correct purebred breeding flock using an upgrading system, the AKHA has instituted a structured registry database utilizing Foundation Ewes, Recorded Stock, and Registered Stock.